Stairlifts Prices

Features To Check Out When Finding The Best Stairlifts Prices

At some point in your adult life, you will notice some changes in your body that will challenge the way you do things such as going up the stairs, walking for a long time, and carrying stuff while moving. Over time, physical deterioration will affect your quality of life and restrict the things you do. And for many people who are struggling with getting up the stairs, a good solution is installing a stairlift in their home. That said, it’s also important to look at some essential features that could determine stairlifts prices and tell you whether this is a practical investment for yourself or older loved ones.

To find out what these important features are and whether having a stairlift installed in your home is a great investment for you and your family, read on.

Progressive Condition

Someone with a disability or deteriorating physical condition should think about long-term solutions regarding stair use. Although they may be able to use a seated stairlift now, it may be wise to consider installing a through-floor lift so that in future, the option to travel in a wheelchair is available.

Some people will attempt to save costs by installing a straight stairlift on a curved staircase and attempt to manage the first or last few steps. However, if their condition deteriorates, they will no longer be able to manage this. This will only render the equipment practically useless if not properly planned ahead.

Decide the Location

To properly choose a type and the specifications of the stairlift to get, you have to decide the location where you will install the equipment first. Choose the place or area in the property that the wheelchair user has the most difficulty in accessing. Place the lift in an easily accessible area that has a smooth and perfectly levelled mounting space. Make sure the landing space is structurally sound and the travel wall does not have any gaps. Choose a reputable and specialised dealer mobility equipment dealer that offer reasonable stairlift prices UK sourced as this is critical for safe and long-lasting product installation.


Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing a stair chair that is comfortable. While it may seem imprudent to base your decision on comfort since the lift is only used for transfers upstairs, if the seat is not comfortable, the user may not feel secure. This security is what gives many the confidence to utilize their stairlift on a regular basis. This is also what the stairlifts prices can give you an idea of. Don’t impede usage by skimping on a sub-par seat or by overlooking the merits of trying the chair before you make purchase decisions.


Another important element of your stair chair to consider is its compatibility to the lift, to the stairway, and to the home. Does it match the type of surrounding you have at home? Is it the chair that is recommended by manufacturers to augment your platform stair lift? These are relevant questions when choosing a stair chair or when updating or refurbishing your current lift.

Dimensions Of The Lifting Platform

You should take the time to fully understand the dimensions of your step lift, and most importantly, the internal dimensions of the lifting platform itself. Is it spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs? Do the wheelchair users even have anything else that will need to fit on the lift at the same time?

This could be as random as a dog if they regularly take it for exercise. Ensure the step lift is going to be large enough to be practical. Otherwise, you may review the stairlift prices UK sourced to request the customisation you will need for your equipment.


In terms of practicality, one of the important things to consider when getting a platform stair lift are the controls. Are they easy to use, can the wheelchair user access and control the lift themselves if required? Are the controls at a height at which they are in reach of the user?

When moving into a new home is no longer practical for you or your elderly loved ones, applying modifications and upgrades in the property to ensure safety, comfort, and familiarity is your next best option. And in terms of getting around the house, one good home modification is installing a stairlift to aid your elderly loved ones or those who might have trouble going up or down the stairs at any time of the day. That said, there are several useful features you need to look into, which can determine stairlifts prices and help you decide whether this is an investment worth looking into.

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